A Plus Senior Benefits

Joelle D. Carlile


Joelle is the proud owner of A Plus Senior Benefits, and has a love for helping others navigate the Medicare “maze”.  Joelle’s clients often describe her as honest, knowledgeable, compassionate and fun to be around.  She finds joy in educating her clients about their insurance options.  She has over 15 years of experience in the health and insurance industry.  She prides herself in building long-term relationships with her clients as well as providing excellent customer experience.


Launched Fall 2019

Wordpress Multisite Network

Installation and configuration

Consumer Ready

Informational Website

My Approach

Joelle needed her website to be “consumer ready”, meaning she wanted clients to be able to not only learn about the basics of Medicare, but also be able to purchase their plan through her site. Her clients are ages 65+, so easy navigation and reading were a must. The clean layout, larger font, and darker colors nailed it.

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